Dear Guest, Dear customer!

It is my personal concern, our online store also once such terms - that you as a person and owner of the company to get to know something - to get an idea who you're doing it - in today's "selling world" not yes more common. I would therefore like to create a more personal "selling air" and certainly hope - to be able to win your trust.

In September 1981, I have made on the Donauinsel my first dive training, I was working as an service engineer and therefore as mountains divers on Wasserskilift. As had been found later, this certification was virtually void - because you have DIWA accepted on any dive center. Therefore, the time integrated CMAS and NAUI training followed - later came PADI at that.

Since my diving had always fascinated - I 1983 "dive" for a guide in my first underwater housing for Nikon SLR (Nikon FM2) built. Of course, also a housing for the system flash of "Metz" and a light meter from Gossen was made. As a trained toolmaker no further problem for me - helps me way even today in several modifications and new constructions.

Armed with this - I spent "photographic" several years in Croatia and the Austrian lakes. Sometime - so at 50 or 60 meters deep, it has all the monster then ripped ... 1989 I landed for the first time in the Maldives. Because I photographically wanted to continue, of course, I have at that time a Nikonos III and a flash Subatec done. With this equipment I have been quite a few years on the road, at some point it is but then flooded and I ended up at the Sea & Sea Motor Marine II plus everything that makes content sense. Even so it was fun - but of course I also wanted to get back to SLR ... Here was a Canon EOS 50E in Ewa Marine bag in use - no money for an expensive housing ... Nevertheless, the recordings were not so bad - unfortunately is this camera like the flooding victim ... My current number of dives is certainly not four digits - but I have seen a lot of positive and negative underwater, have a lot of experience and have secure two-thirds of my TG`s with (any spent) camera.

In 2002, I finally had my first digital camera (Canon IXUS II) purchased and this should naturally reflect with you on vacation - clear underwater - to Egypt. After much searching and thanks to the medium "Internet" - I came across a Viennese dealer who (then unfortunately - today, thank God) me - has held on well "Viennese" on "abusive" - ​​almost a year in other words - it had zero idea of ​​the digital underwater photography and has only put off me - what there is everything and there is something new - blah, blah ... Until one day before my vacation! - Then I got to a larger "attack", "a rental equipment - which kept me on Trap 2 weeks and did not work so - as it should ... easily explained - not every flash works with every camera ...

This was the time - when I (he) have recognized ungsbedarf Ha (ä) NDL and do not regret it to this day. The concept was clear - I just did not know - if it would work that way. So I started with a little knowledge on PC and photography my implement "dream" "I knew of course - it should grow nicely slowly and with that certain" extra - be the online store, with advice and service .. "" "- time was clear - no store sales in September 2003, I then put my own shop online and I was quite amazed when I have a week or two later shipped to a housing for a Canon for nearly 1,000.00 EUR.!

I try - as far as possible, to maintain customer proximity and customer contact - so as to build some trust - here is a shop selling certainly an advantage. But I think my technical knowledge predominate and I can convince here, too. Not everyone likes to pay and immediately a few hundred or even thousands of euros on any account - and then maybe to learn - that this company no longer exists.

It happens so often that I am not one for "compatible" with the customer order by telephone or email demand - if this order is actually meant it ... Often customers are totally surprised - and grateful for the protection against possible bad buy. Meanwhile, we are a small company "grown up" - with almost 50 different manufacturers and brands and several hundred products. Under the motto - `s not - there is (almost) not ... we do now in many countries - also outside the EU or Europe.

Besides trading we also develop and produce special and take care of the service almost all brands
With some of the major manufacturers such as ACQUAPAZZA, INON, ISOTTA, AQUATICA, FIT, we have built up a very good partnership. Here is simply right the quality, service and processing. D & D is our own brand - behind it custom or OEM goods we rebuilt specifically or can be adapted. A separate rails and arm system - which is exactly produced according to our specifications. Of course, also the 3D printing integral part in the assortment - we can virtually for each lens offer a matching zoom or focus ring. So flexible is the motto!

Manufacturers and suppliers that do not meet our expectations - land no longer in the shop with security. Every now and then the question - why we probably offer no original CANON Underwater Housing. Simple - Just try to get a replacement part for it. Our customers benefit, of course - precisely from this observation of the market and almost all products are extensively tested by me or my "test team" - only then there is an OK and a green light for the shop.

There are now many products, accessories, spare parts stock with us or ready for. When things have no other choice - a loan is almost always present. Of course there are times here and there bottlenecks - but is certainly not the norm. With a very flexible courier service (in Europe), we provide deliveries within 24 hours if need be.

I want it of course does not neglect to thank our many customers for their trust!

Good air!

Manfred WERNER
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